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How to use agile sprints to accelerate sales growth

Need to grow your business faster? Applying agile sales and marketing techniques with the right plan gives companies the ammunition to capture more qualified leads and convert them more effectively.

In our two-part video, we discuss the Sales Acceleration sprint with lots of How-to's and pro-tips to. The key idea of the sprint is to take control of the process and use data to adapt and dial-in the most impactful changes. Acceleration means having a go-pedal with coordinated activities to push on rather than passive marketing and disconnected sales efforts.

The process starts with an Ideal Client Profile and Positioning (see dedicated posts). The first video with @Ben Thiefels focuses on what product and content marketing needs to do to create the ammunition to drive the process. The second video with focuses on the outreach process to apply the ammunition to fill the top of funnel and drive conversions down the stages of the funnel.

If you need a turbocharger for your sales pipeline, reach out.

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