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A secret weapon for growth: Voice of the Customer Research

Voice of the Customer research, or VOC, is an under-appreciated and under-used technique to give your business a potent advantage. In essence, Voice of the Customer is about getting your head around your customers - their day-to-day pains, motivations, buying preferences, research methods, and buying process.

To their detriment, many companies assume they are experts because they invented the product they sell. They often assume, erroneously, that sales will be intimate with these issues. A company that argues internally about messaging, positioning and product roadmap likely has not done Voice of the Customer research. Companies that are advocates often close the speculation with a simple phrase "well, I spoke to the customer, and here is what they said....".

When your company has this level of customer knowledge, you have a huge advantage over companies that do not. The implications on the cost and results across both sales and marketing are huge.

We hold a roundtable discussion on this topic with experts in sales, Nate Rupple at and in marketing, Ben Thiefels at We share many examples of how the results of VOC gave the companies advantages or changed their thinking altogether, and saved them precious time and money.

In addition, we share tips on how to conduct your own VOC research, or you can reach out to us for help.

Contact us for help:

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