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Grow sales faster with an Ideal Client Profile for B2B SaaS

The Ideal Client Profile crystallizes who is your best customer. It's imperative for B2B SaaS companies to have a common understanding of the client who is the most profitable, churns the least, and gets the most value from your product.

Without the Ideal Client Profile, or ICP, there is no North Star to direct what is most important change on the product roadmap, where marketing should spend it's demand gen budget, or who sales will most likely close fastest as a great customer.

This 3-part discussion with B2B sales and marketing pro's Nate Rupple, CEO of Upside Sales, and Ben Thiefels of discusses why to create them, how to create it, and our own experiences in creating and using ICPs in companies.

Click the Video below to play it from YouTube, or go to the YouTube channel for this and other SaaS Growth videos.

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