Jeff Curie

I love helping business leaders accelerate their top-line growth and company valuation.  With 20 years of operating experience in growing SaaS and software companies, I focus on helping growth-oriented businesses who need to reinvent themselves, discover new market niches, figure out new ways to market themselves or execute their businesses in new ways.


For the last several years, I have been deeply involved in the rapidly advancing use cases and technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), recurring revenue subscription models, and helping companies leverage their data into a strategic asset.


I bring passion, endless innovative ideas and a unique process evolved from working directly with customers, investors, partners and leadership teams as CEO, market evangelist, product strategist, and sales enabler. 

If you need innovative ideas and want to tap into my gifts for asking the right questions to understand what customers want to buy, where markets are heading, and how to position products for meaningful differentiation, then please get in touch.

Being part of the famous science family has always shaped my world view.  The Curie Point is named in honor of Pierre Curie and his pioneering work in magnetism.   Prior to marrying Marie Curie and their famous Nobel Award-winning work in chemistry and physics, Pierre Curie was an amazing scientist and inventor who pioneered research in piezoelectricity, crystallography and magnetism in the 1890s.   Today piezoelectronics are core to frequency management in everything from cell phones to satellites.  In physics, The Curie point, also known as The Curie Temperature, is the temperature above which certain materials lose their permanent magnetic properties. 

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