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Jeff Curie

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I've been on a quest for over 20 years to find and apply the best ways to grow a software company.  Every year, better ideas, processes, and technologies have emerged.  I work with top talent to bring the best ideas to bear on helping businesses to grow and overcome the hurdles that hold them back.   


After many years as a CEO and in operational revenue-facing roles building companies, The Curie Point was started to give those experiences back and learn even more by applying lead edge methods to several companies at a time.  We are craftsman and operate a boutique firm only for a limited number of customers at a time to ensure the topmost results.


I've worked in depth across many vertical markets using a wide variety of technologies and products.  I enjoy a 'straight-up' learning curve, technology and science of all kinds, and a passion for bold entrepreneurial efforts. 

I'm always happy to hear from entrepreneurs and offer perspectives and ideas to help.

Being part of the famous science family has always shaped my world view.  The Curie Point LLC is named in honor of Pierre Curie and his pioneering work in magnetism.   In physics, The Curie point, also known as The Curie Temperature, is the temperature above which certain materials lose their permanent magnetic properties.  Prior to marrying Marie Curie and their famous multiple Nobel Award-winning work in chemistry and physics, Pierre Curie was an amazing scientist and inventor who pioneered research in piezoelectricity, crystallography and magnetism in the 1890s.   Today piezoelectronics are core to frequency management in everything from cell phones to satellites. 

The Curie Point

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