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My Value Proposition: Behind every great CEO there is a mentor helping them navigate tough decisions with an experienced and objective voice.  I'm that voice.

How I can help you

My hands-on experience is an asset to any CEO seeking guidance.

  • Hands-on leader of multiple startups from $0 to $30M with two exits.  B2B specialty.

  • Sales, marketing and business model discovery are my super powers. 

  • I'm an active Angel Investor and can prepare you to raise.

  • I'm an Engineer. If you are too, then you came to the right place.

Why I offer to help

I wish I had a mentor when I was a CEO!
  • I'm giving back to CEOs working toward their own success.
  • I hope I can help you be successful and have equity in your business.

  • I love new ideas and hard problems.


Steve Flagg Founder & CEO, SupplyFrame

Jeff played a pivotal role in guiding us towards a strategy that transformed us into a rapidly growing, profitable business.

Michael Heberle.jpg

Michael Heberle, VP Biz Dev and Sales, Bitvore

Jeff propelled us from just a glimmer of an idea to becoming a trailblazer in our space with nearly 100 satisfied customers.


George Nunez, CEO, SQAsquared

We relied on The Curie Point's expertise to expand the business swiftly. They adeptly helped us uncover our unique value and build our new sales capabilities.


Ian Glazer VP Identity Management, SalesForce

Jeff's ability to comprehend a market and its trajectory is genuinely remarkable.

Tech Leaders I've Helped

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